I Have Been Betting on Soccer

Of course it is a really strange way to make money and I know it, but in fact I am not the one who picks the matches. This guy I used to live with in college started me on it. He bets on about a dozen matches every weekend, using something that is called a casino siteleri. The last word seems to be in Turkish or so he says. It is weird because this is not the sort of guy that I would trust to do my laundry or stuff like that. In fact it was a disaster living with him because he was a real slob who never cleaned up after himself. I hated to live with him, but even back then he was making several hundred dollars every weekend from betting on soccer and gambling in other ways. At any rate he seems to have gotten really better at this, even though he is still an incredible slob. The place he lives in now looks like some sort of disaster zone.

At any rate I started out a long time ago just making small bets, but I kept using what I won for more bets. Several times I lost a good deal, but over time it has all increased regularly. I expected it to evaporate one day. At any rate at some point I decided to put more money in and then the last few weeks, Stevie has been extremely hot at picking the matches. He was perfect in one week and in another he only missed one match. I made a huge amount of money and decided it was a good time to pay off my credit card debt and some of the student loans I owe. I was tempted to risk it on something like a coin flip, hoping to double up.