At Evolv I.T., We Work Hard, Play Hard, and Prioritize Employee Well-being!

We believe that a healthy work-life balance is essential for fostering a motivated and productive team. Not only do we work hard to ensure seamless, always-on, IT operations for our clients, but we also play hard, valuing the well-being of our employees. We’re proud that joining Evolv I.T. is not just a career move for our employees but a lifestyle upgrade.  


Benefits of Working at Evolv I.T. 

We Prioritize Work-Life Balance and Well-being 

We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and we go the extra mile to support our team's well-being through unique employee benefits, including a fully stocked pantry, weekly catered lunch, paid time off for birthdays, and an onsite gym.  

At Evolv I.T., we believe that a healthy body and mind empower our team to achieve their best both inside and outside the workplace, and these benefits are just some of the ways we recognize and appreciate the unique contributions each team member brings to our success.  


We Enjoy a Culture of Closeness  

We don’t just stop at employee benefits, as we believe that a positive and vibrant workplace fosters creativity and camaraderie. One of the many ways we bring our team together is through engaging and enjoyable activities, inside and outside the office. 

In our annual Chili Cookoff, our employees compete to win bragging rights for having the best chili in the office. This year, Drew Tyler, Evolv I.T.’s Service Desk Manager, was crowned champion. Pete Sansing, Director of Procurement, and Allen Byrd, Service Delivery Coordinator, came in second and third for best chili! 


Allen Byrd, Drew Tyler, and Pete Sansing, at Evolv I.T.’s Chili Cookoff  

This event always spices up our workday and serves as a testament to our commitment to creating a workplace that’s enjoyable for all.  


Our team does not always cook up fun, as we also like to get some fresh air and enjoy friendly competition at local paintball parks and tailgating at the Evolv I.T. tent at Auburn and Alabama’s home games throughout the football season.  


CEO, Daniel Herrera, takes the technicians and their children out for a game of paintball!  



Danielle Womack, Evolv I.T.’s Director of Marketing and Communications Tailgating 

Through these activities, we foster a positive and enjoyable work environment that truly unlocks our team's full potential. 


Committed to Excellence  

We take pride in the talent we attract and the impact we make on our clients. Our dedication to continuous improvement and client success makes us the premier choice for those seeking a fulfilling career in the IT industry.  


We Make A Meaningful Impact 

When you join Evolv I.T., you become an integral part of a team that doesn't just manage technology – we shape the future of IT for businesses across the U.S. Our work goes beyond routine IT operations; it directly impacts our client’s success. From optimizing technology infrastructure to ensuring cyber resilience, we play a crucial role in keeping businesses ahead of their competition. Our client’s success is our priority, and we take pride in delivery best-in-class technology solutions and customer service.  


We Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing  

At Evolv I.T., we thrive on innovation and staying ahead of industry trends. Our team cultivates a professional environment where learning never stops. Our commitment to growth means you'll have opportunities to develop new skills, earn promotions, stay updated with the latest industry trends, and contribute to cutting-edge solutions. 


We Enjoy A Culture of Collaboration  

Success at Evolv I.T. is a team effort. We foster a collaborative culture where diverse talents come together to solve complex challenges. Every voice matters at Evolv I.T., and your ideas can shape the direction of our projects. We believe that innovation thrives in an inclusive environment, and we're proud to have a team that values diversity in thought and experience. 


Join Our Team, and Let's Evolve Together! 

If you're reliable, hardworking, client-first, and team-oriented, passionate about technology and making a meaningful impact, and have an excellent chili recipe, Evolv I.T. is the professional home for you. We invite you to apply today to be part of our winning team, where your work makes an impact, and your well-being is a priority. 




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At Evolv I.T., We Work Hard, Play Hard, and Prioritize Employee Well-being!

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